Thursday, 9 June 2016

Cosmic Rays

Sun Ra knew these things
The ‘Dash is keyed in to the solstice not the Luna cycle so it’s a rare occurrence to see a full moon on the ride. If the full moon leads to lunatism then we will come pretty close to finding out this year; Sunday 19th is just one day before the full moon and 98% luminosity. 
We may not see her but she will be there making the dark a little…. well, brighter.

Even better for us is that the moonset and sunrise almost collide so - weather permitting – we might just see both in the space of 20 minutes between 4.34-4.52

We’re usually heading between Amesbury and Salisbury at this point. This gently rolling section is one of my favourites with just enough light to illuminate the beautiful vernacular architecture (thatched walls anyone?). The River Avon will also be below us gently meandering through the fields with lush greenery all around, it’s very special - you’d have to be mad to miss it… 

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