Friday 16 June 2017

!Just look at the forecast!

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      (Suggested dress for Avon Beach, Sunday morning 8A.M, dog optional)

Well, this doesn't happen very often, the weather looks like... well, it looks like you'd expect for the middle of summer; warm, dry with just the merest hint of a breeze swinging round to the north by morning. Old timers will still be bringing warm layers for the depths of the night (the body temp naturally dips at that time) but you can probably leave the Harris Tweed at home this time.

So, if you've been considering the 'Dash and been put off by the weather in previous years you have no excuse this time, this really will be the best it will ever get. The sea swim at the end will also be delicious, with or without a dog...

Sea you tomorrow.

 Ping Ping!

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